Far Cry Primal Digital Apex Edition Steam-Rip [NOT CRACKED]

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Year: 1 marta 2016.
Genre: the Action (Shooter ™) / 3D / 1st the Person
Developer: Ubisoft has Montréal, Ubisoft has the Shanghai, Ubisoft
has Kiev and Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher: Ubisoft has Entertainment's
Publication Type: License 
Language: Russian / English / Multi15
Language: Proto-Indo-European
NOTE: Game is NOT Cracked!
A series of Far Cry, will give you a crazy adventure in the tropics
and in the Himalayas, this one will take you to where the fight for
survival will be tense as ever. Among the picturesque open spaces
of the world inhabited by amazing fauna, you can expect anything to
happen. Be prepared for the unexpected! You will be in the Stone
Age, so - in mortal danger. The land belongs to the reign of
mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, and the man is somewhere in the
beginning of the food chain. You are the last survivor of a group
of hunters. You have to make deadly weapons, to protect themselves
from wild animals, hostile tribes fight over territory and prove
that you are not prey and predator.
Special offer at the pre-order:
legends of mammoth:
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Features Digital Apex Edition:
All additional digital content of Primal Cry of Far: . »The Legend
of mammoth 3 additional jobs Othlebnite bowl of shaman to find out
what it is - to be a mammoth. Feel the primeval power and trample
enemies to protect his flock from other animals and from the
people. "The new weapon - Mace" Shasta Blood ": Dubina bone
bristling with teeth and bathed in the blood of enemies. Once it
belonged to Ulla, the evil leader Udam. "4 sets of gains: early
access to rare resources and unique capabilities of
individualization. " Kit "saber-toothed tiger": get early access to
animal skins for the production of items. The Urus will be special
saber-toothed tigers - the embodiment of the fiery rage. "Kit" Owl
": get early access to the resources for the production of items.
Put your hands on special signs Vinge tribe. Feather color
thundercloud allow the owl to give your unique look. "Kit" Mammoth
": get early access to the recipe for a potion that increases
endurance. The Urus will be mysterious ash mammoths. "Set Bombs:
two additional bombs will help you to survive in this harsh world.
For total immersion in the game world all dialogues are recorded on
a primitive language, the basis of which went to Proto-Indo-that
was used by our ancestors 12,000 years ago, and supplemented with
subtitles in Russian.
• The Stone Age in the world of Far Cry: waiting for you crazy
adventures, unimaginable danger and unforgettable stories in the
best tradition of Far Cry series.
• Fight for survival: your character name Thakkar. He is the only
survivor of the hunter of the group. In his life there is only one
goal - to survive in a world where a person is considered easy
• The wonderful world of the Wild Earth looked so before people
started to change it. Ferocious saber-toothed tigers, woolly
mammoths and huge mighty moose feel are the real masters. Before
you open the world where they live amazing creatures and grow giant
trees. Explore the ancient land of the Urus, with its impenetrable
forests, snow-covered mountain slopes and treacherous swamps.
1. Download the game folder in the folder Steam \ SteamApps \
2. Copy the contents of the Steam folder to your client
3. Play
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